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Saturday, April 14, 2007


Boy is totally obsessed with tractors. Is quite a tractor snob, knows all their correct names and what they do. So he was in heaven for a few weeks while the city dug up the hill in front of our house to fix a sewer line or something. He got to watch out the window as the giant excavator dug and dump truck after dump truck carted off the dirt. He was even offered a ride on a bulldozer. And to top it all off, when they were done, a John Deere tractor came and sprinkled new grass seed and hay everywhere. My little boy's dream come true.

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A Random Stranger said...

Hey girl: I demand you update this blog! And I spent some time yesterday thinking about how you need to get our kids working on their own crap in the afternoon so you can have time to do the stuff you'd like to do. Not time to check your e-mail or file papers, but time to do your stuff. I feel like a bad husband that I've turned you into a governess for two kids. You should whip those kids' asses and start getting fulfilled.

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