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Saturday, April 14, 2007


Boy is totally obsessed with tractors. Is quite a tractor snob, knows all their correct names and what they do. So he was in heaven for a few weeks while the city dug up the hill in front of our house to fix a sewer line or something. He got to watch out the window as the giant excavator dug and dump truck after dump truck carted off the dirt. He was even offered a ride on a bulldozer. And to top it all off, when they were done, a John Deere tractor came and sprinkled new grass seed and hay everywhere. My little boy's dream come true.


I have this nephew who is just two days younger than my son, so quickly approaching three years old. He's obsessed with Superman. As the only person who sews (however poorly) on my side of the family, I was recruited to sew a cape for him for Christmas. One side is Superman, the other is Mr. Incredible. I'm quite proud of myself. And everyone who sees them tells me I should sell capes on ebay. But some lady in Utah already beat me to it. That's where I got the idea to sew capes!
It all started because I thought my kids would like capes so I looked around online and figured someone could sew them for my kids. Who better than my mother-in-law who made all of my husband's younger brother's costumes, and he, according to family legend, was in a constant state of costume. She's quite experienced at making capes. And masks apparently. But she was moving and misplaced her serger for awhile and now seems to have forgotten about the capes.
So after sewing the Superman cape for my one nephew, I decided to sew a Spiderman cape for the other nephew. The back of his cape is a C for his name. Then while in California in January, my kids had to have capes of their own since Superman nephew never takes his off (seriously, never. The only time he doesn't wear it is church, and that's only because he's allowed to wear a superman undershirt that he can rip open his shirt and show everyone.) For Christmas, my seven year old niece got a Hello Kitty Janome Sewing Machine so, killing two birds with one stone, I sewed capes for my kids while showing her some of what her sewing machine could do.
And then, Princess Sparkley was invited to a Superman birthday party for a friend in Kansas so we sewed the birthday boy and his little brother mathing Superman capes with their first initials on the reverse. And at a church service auction fundraiser last night, I auctioned of two custom made capes. Now I'm apparently the expert cape sewer. Maybe I should market adult sized capes, think outside the box of what's already out there and available on ebay.


So it's taken me forever to post these because I haven't been able to get the photo uploader to work. These are all pictures of clouds from several weeks ago. I was driving to pick up the hubby from work one day and the clouds in the sky were the most beautiful clouds I've ever seen. Huge and white and so incredibly fluffy. My son told me they looked like ice cream. And we're in Kansas so everything is so flat and you can see for such a distance that the sky is absolutely filled with clouds. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me. And since I'm constantly telling my kids how we have to pick up Daddy now, we can't just wait, he's waiting for us and he's not going to be happy if he has to stand outside and wait because we wanted to play dolls for two more minutes. So I couldn't justify turning the car around to get the camera, to my kids or my husband. But I totally regret not getting a picture of those clouds. Since then I've taken approximately thirty pictures of various clouds on odd days here and there. These are just a few I wanted to share.
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