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Friday, February 23, 2007

Fashion Sucks

In college I had a class with a girl named Fashion. She was pretty, nice and a bit trendy, but that seemed fitting. I also had a neighbor who owned a T-shirt that said "Fashion Sucks." I thought that was funny.

I realize I must be old when I drive across the college campus and see girls dressed in stuff that was the height of fashion back when I was in junior high. Some of it so extreme that I didn’t even wear it back then.

There was about five inches of snow on the ground the other day, it had warmed up from the previous week and was probably in the low thirties and I saw a girl walking to class wearing a short denim skirt, with Capri, lace at the bottom leggings underneath. This was a typical outfit of mine in junior high. But I lived in California, where even in the winter, it was always above 40. Why such extremes for fashion?

I have to laugh when I visit my sister, seven years my senior, and see her wearing Uggs. Uggs that I can remember her begging for at the mall when she was 16. Uggs that looked ridiculous then (even my 9 year old self knew) and look ridiculous now.

It was actually so cold the other day, and I had to wear a skirt, that I actually spoke the words "do they still sell leg warmers?" And for a few seconds I considered trying to hunt some down. I owned leg warmers at age eleven, laughed at them last winter when they were in, and considered wearing them only out of desperation due to a cold, chilling to the bone wind, in a town where I knew no one. But I couldn’t do it. Nor do I think leg warmers are still popular enough to be in stores. Are they?

I can remember being mad that my mom was older, and thus, not so cool in the seventies when seventies day came around at school and I wanted cool hippie clothes to wear. Not to mention the fact that she didn’t save any cool clothes from her youth. But now I realize why. They go out of fashion. So far out that you can’t fathom they would ever be popular again. But here they are. I’m waiting for banana clips and side pony tails, jeans pegged with three pairs of socks on top, and shirts tucked in, bagged out just right and sleeves rolled.

I was driving down the street a couple of months ago and every girl who drove past was wearing those giant, bumble bee eye Jackie O sunglasses. The ones my mom wore in the summer of 1990 when we picked my brother up from his church mission in Japan. The ones we constantly made fun of because in every single picture of my family in that exotic land, my mom’s eyes look like giant black bug eyes. But apparently it’s cool now to dress like my mom.


Angela said...

I hate to tell you this, but I own two pairs of leg warmers and 3 pairs of footless tights that I wear under skirts and dresses. I even have a few pairs of skinny jeans, I thought I would never wear the stuff again, but now I love it. weird.

wendys said...

I don't think I will ever go for the bumble bee sunglasses. They are too creepy. I still like wearing my thermal shirts underneath my t-shirts and have many different colors of hooded sweatshirts that I'm sure are out of style. But they make me happy!

A Random Stranger said...

Man, I come off like a jerk in this thing. I don't (hardly ever) think you don't know how to drive a car. I just think I do a much better job driving a car. [Smiling face goes here, to let you know I'm kidding. And not "mostly kidding;" all the way kidding. Mostly.]

Erik said...

I'm with your nine year old self on the Ugg boots. I still think they look like boots they put on the retards so they can't kick the aids that work at the funny farm.

Funny thing, when I look back at EFY, or even my time at BYU, I think as a whole mormons are even more trendy then the Gentiles... remember how everyone in Utah wore those huge doc martin sandals that looked like nephite clod hoppers? I remember my first semester at BYU and every other person had "AF" hats and T-shirts. In my fashion ignorance, which I am semi-proud / embarassed of, I thought it stood for American Fork, and that these folks where all Happy valley locals. I guess the moral of the story is that if I keep wearing the same things, 2 years out of a 15 year cycle, I'll be in style. Boo-ya

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