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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

an acquired taste

I’m a picky eater. But compared to what I was as a kid, I’ll eat anything now. When my mom tried to get me to try an avocado (I grew up on a two-acre avocado orchard) when I was four, I hated it. She told me some story about how she hated mushrooms when she was a kid, but it was an acquired taste and now she loves them. For the record, I will never love mushrooms.

But I do love avocados. And while I don’t like onions, especially if they are raw and in something like a potato salad, I can appreciate the need for onions in certain recipes. And while I used to order my Nachos Bell Grande from Taco Bell or my Tostada Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen with no green onions, I’ve actually come to really like green onions.

And I’ve always hated nuts. Peanuts and cashews aside, I hate nuts. Yet I’m sort of acquiring a taste for pecans. Almonds and Walnuts are another story... they still disgust me, but I’ve been using chopped pecans for this yummy dessert recipe I have, and my husband, a great lover of Pecan Pie, convinced me to try some at Thanksgiving, and I kind of sort of liked it. Plus lately, I find myself buying chocolate pecan turtles at the store when I’m checking out. When did I start liking nuts?

There are still things I refuse to eat. I’ll name a few: mushrooms, anchovies, coconut, dark chocolate, prunes, cranberry juice, turkey, pickled ham, etc.

Yet who am I to declare foods I'll never eat. I never thought I'd find myself eating onions or pecans either.


wendys said...

I will never eat beans. Of any kind.

Chris said...

I would rather die than eat tomotoes, bananas or any kind of meat on bones. Just thinking about it makes me shiver...

Erik said...

I love of RAW BEEF. You may think I jest, but ask the misses and she will embarassinly confrim. Before we got married, I worked as an assistant to the butcher at my Dads store. One day I saw the butcher, big Mexican fella named Gino, cut a slice of stew meat from fresh, clean, top round, sprinkle salt on, and munch away. I protested the way everyone does when they first see this. but I was curious. I tried some and It was quite good, super tender and sweet. Since then and 2 years of living in Korea, I have actually found that a number of cultures regularly eat raw meats, sushi being the most popular. I have found French, Ethiopian, English, and of course Asian meals that all include uncooked meat. I don't do chicken or pork, but love the beef. I know alot of people will be weirded out by this, but you won't know until you try it. Tender and sweet, with a splash of salt. You may never go back to well done again. Even if you think you can never eat raw meat, next time you order a good cut, order it Rare-Medium rare. Ask any good chef / butcher and they will tell you if you are eating Prime beef, if you cook it past Medium rare, you might as well make stew out of it because you cook the tenderness and flavor right out.

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