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Friday, December 15, 2006


Okay. So I’ll admit it. I’m one of those nuts who has been done with their Christmas shopping for weeks now. Even more so, they are all wrapped. Every last one of them. Most of my holiday cookie baking and dropping off is done. I mailed my Christmas letters yesterday. Which means that while everyone else is running around doing their last minute shopping and baking and wrapping and addressing, I’m sitting at home bored out of my mind. I’m in a reading block too, so I can’t even convince myself to curl up with a good book.

What does all of this mean? It means that, to me, the earth’s spin has slowed to a drastic, snail-like pace. I seriously look at the clock at any point in the morning or afternon and it seems as though four hours has passed, and it’s only been twenty-two minutes. When I normally take forty minutes to make my way through Target, now it takes me like ten, even when I’m TRYING to kill time. And while I’m normally racing to pick my husband up from work and I hit traffic, now I am leaving earlier (due to sheer boredom), hitting no traffic, and being early.

While everyone else’s holiday season is speeding past them too quickly, mine cannot get here soon enough. And why, when I procrastinate nearly everything in my life, am I so on the ball right now? Why is the clock moving so slowly when I’m at a total loss as to how to fill the time.

1 comment:

Angela said...

you have always been able to get more done than anyone I know, cute christmas picture btw.

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