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Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Cards

I’m not sure why, but it seems as though I’m on everyone’s secondary Christmas card list. It’s not even a real list. It’s that stack of extra Christmas cards you buy so when some random acquaintance at work gives you a card, you have one to give in return. So when you get an unexpected card in the mail, you can send one right back, like you’d planned it all along.

I just don’t understand why I’m on everyone’s secondary "list." I’m a pretty faithful Christmas card sender. I’ve been writing the Christmas letter for my parents since junior high, still am for the most part. I send Christmas cards to just about everyone. And it takes a few years of not getting one in return until I knock you off of my list. I spend hours trying to track down peoples new addresses, married names, etc. I spent a good part of this Christmas and last Christmas trying to track down my best friend from elementary school. She got married and her parents moved. So Vicki Walker (I think is your married name), if you’re out there, I’m trying to send you a Christmas card.

Are there throngs of people out there who only have a secondary "list?" Am I the only person anal enough to go crazy about Christmas cards? Making my list, checking it twice. Am I part of a dying generation?

Don’t take this the wrong way. This isn’t a call for all of my blog readers (all two of you) to send me a belated Christmas card. You two have already earned all the brownie points you can by actually reading and commenting on my blog. In fact, you never have to send me a Christmas card again if you don’t want to. But the rest of you...


the doze said...

Is it too late to say thank you for sending your family Christmas card? I don't think it's a dying tradition yet. Kelly and I got quite a few Christmas cards/letters this year from people our age. It's just that some of us (me) are more lazy than others. Thanks for the card.

Angela said...

If it makes you feel better you are number one on my Christmas Card list. This list has never actually been used but still if I ever get it together enough to send christmas cards then you will receive the first one. I honestly marvel every time I get your card because it is always the cutest. Hello a quiz?! You can't get any better than that.

NKLM said...

As long as I'm on the list for whenever you do send cards... I guess that's okay.

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