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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Halloween Dilemma

[Since everyone seems to freak out about using real names of kids on the Internet, I will, from now on, refer to my daughter as "Princess Sparkley" since that is the name she’s picked for our future, girl, Teacup Poodle. And I will call my son, "Boy*" because that is how he likes to refer to himself. I think because his sister always invents these huge dramas for him to act in and he always gets the role of "boy." He’s not our "big boy" or our "cute boy," he only allows us to refer to him by name, or as "boy."]

I’m not one of those adults who dresses up for Halloween. I guess if there were ever a costume party for me, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, I’m just not going to be one of those parents dressed up as they march their kids from door to door (or trunk to trunk in the church parking lot). I stopped dressing up when I became too old to trick or treat, unless of course a teacher offered extra credit to students in costumes. And I do recall dressing up some Halloweens in college. But I can’t be held responsible for things I did in those crazy college days. :)

I loved dressing up as a kid. Bunny. Clown. Indian (1984, we didn’t know to say Native American yet). Butterfly. Ballerina. And then it seems as though I must have dressed up as "punk rocker" for three or four years in a row. I don’t remember any other costumes, just spray painting my hair and wearing fluorescent.

Here’s the dilemna. I love dressing my kids up in the cutest possible costumes. Princess Sparkley has been a Sweet Pea, a Peacock, Cinderella, and a Ladybug. This year she’s going to be a butterfly. Boy has been a fish and a dinosaur. But I don’t think I’m going to be able to convince Boy to wear a costume this year. He’s just coming out of a huge obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine, but refuses to dress up as that "cheeky engine." His obsession with tractors has led us to Bob the Builder, but he looks to the side when I mention a Bob the Builder Halloween costume and won’t look at me again until we are well off the subject. He’s quite fond of Buzz and Woody, but again, won’t look at me when I mention dressing up as them. He’s quite obsessed with trucks, buses, ambulances, fire trucks, tractors... basically anything with wheels. But how do you dress a two and a half year old up like a bus or a tractor. Especially when the whole costume thing doesn’t seem like it’s going to go over well at all.

But he’s a kid. He has to dress up on Halloween. Right? Isn’t there some unwritten law? Or maybe it’s been written. I may have to threaten him with the consequence of no costume being no candy. That just may do it. Or else I’ll have to come up with some sort of costume that involves normal clothes so he doesn’t realize he’s in a costume at all. The ultimate trick. Maybe I can paint a dotted line down his middle and glue Matchbox cars to each side and he can be a street. Help! I’m desperate. I’m about to glue cars to a two year old. Not only is this crazy, it’s somewhat crafty as well. Ahh.

*Later changed on the blog to Buddy.


Zoe said...

Halloween is hands down the most fun holiday of the year!
I just started blogging; comment back!! http://globalcitizen-zoe.blogspot.com

wendys said...

I just finished making my 2 yr old boy, who we'll call "Ian" a bat costume with a cape and a cute little hat with bat ears. And every time I pull it out, he runs as far away as he can get. I plan on bribing him with candy to get him to wear it on the actual halloween day. I thought boys love capes. Have you tried getting him to wear capes yet?

NKLM said...

Haven't tried capes. I finally found something he wants to be... a baseball player. Specifically a baseball player for my dad's team, the Boston Red Sox-- we went to a game while my dad was here last month. We'll just have to see if he'll actually dress up.

Chris said...

Well on the bright side, at least you haven't considered stapling the cars to your two year old...

Angela said...

I think I am going to dress up as a stressed-out, overworked, starving college student this year...oh wait...or maybe a BYU coed...do you remember that year?

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