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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Enlightened by the Internet

by the Internet Queen

I'm pretty handy at finding out things from the internet. The people in the know will call me up or email me with random requests to try to find the title of a book they read, and then give me the random details they remember. I'm fairly accurate and quick in finding the answers. Here are some recent things I've learned from the internet.

First- My husband told me that Mike D from the Beastie Boys is Neil Diamond's son. I'm a big Neil Diamond fan. I grew up listening to him. I was shocked that I'd never heard this, and that my husband had known for years, apparently . So I did a quick google search. Urban legend. Mike D is not Neil Diamond's son. Nor is Justin Diamond (Screech from Saved by the Bell).

Being new to lightening bug country, I was curious as to why the lightening bugs showed up, but then disappeared a few weeks later. I didn't really find an answer to that. But I found out that each species has it's own flash pattern that they use to attract mates of their own species. And while enjoying 4th of July fireworks at some friends who live out in the country, I pointed out to my husband that their lightening bugs had a different blink pattern than ours did.

When we moved here last September, my daughter refused to go outside because she didn't like the sound of cicadas. (In California it was crickets at night.) The cicadas are back. I know what you're thinking. Cicadas are one of those insects that only come out every 7 years or so. True. And False. I did some internet research and found out there there are different types of cicadas. Some are annual, some are periodical. So yes, they are here every year. And yes, some are dormant for 17 years or something.

Napoleon Dynamite's grandma IS the lady I keep seeing on episodes of CSI and Without a Trace. Apparently Sandy Martin has quite a LONG list of tv shows, etc.

Did anyone see "Pride and Prejudice: A Latter-day Comedy"? No? I did. I actually liked it too. Now, did anyone see "The Prince and Me: 2"? I surely hope not. But I did as well. And yes, Kam Haskin's (aka Julia Stiles' replacement) is also the actress who plays Elizabeth Bennet's part in the LDS Austen remake.

I also found out that the taco restaurant chain my parent's friends opened in Missouri is not Taco John (which we found 3 or 4 of when we moved to Lawrence, KS), but Taco Palace. I found this out after doing a google search trying to find a current address for them for my mom.

I'm sure there is much much much much more I've recently learned from the internet. Most of it, totally useless, but it does answer some nagging questions I have, solves some arguments over who's right, me or my husband, and is fun.


Angela said...

I really enjoyed all the fun facts you've posted. I have always wondered about the cicadas so you have solved that one. I'm bored in Canada...

the doze said...

This is going to make me sound super nerdy, but Screech's real name is Dustin... not Justin. The rumor I heard, is that he is Mike D's brother. Did you do any research on that fact? P.S. Lightning bugs are the coolest!

NKLM said...

You're right. Dustin Diamond... I knew Justin didn't sound right. I didn't check into him being Mike D's brother, but I'll get on it and let you know.

NKLM said...

Ben - According to wikipedia, Dustin Diamon is not Mike D's brother. Lucky Mike D. Here's the link... it's rather amusing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dustin_Diamond

the doze said...

Thank you interwebnet guru. You are all knowing and powerful. I found the Dustin Diamond link to be very enlightening.

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