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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Are you over thirty?

Those of you who read my blog (ie: very few) and are older than thirty (ie: no one at all) will laugh.

I'm 28. I usually wave off birthdays as no big deal. But for some reason, 28 seems like 30, which seems so old. And it's not. I'm just still stuck with that little kid mentality that anyone that isn't a kid is old. And 28 isn't a kid. I guess it's like my brother-in-law always says, in his mind, I'm still the 14 year old girl he met when he married my sister. In my mind, I'm always going to be somewhere between 20-24. Not that I want to go back to my life at that age, I just want to be in my current life, but younger. And with this mentality, I'm going to end of like the lady I saw at dinner last night. She had to be 80, dressed like a 35 year old real estate hottie, and sandals she must have borrowed from her 18 year old granddaughter. Sitting there, laughing her over makde-up face while sipping beer from the bottle. Do ladies that old drink beer? Let alone from the bottle??

I guess I'm just feeling like the years are speeding by too quickly. The fact that my parents are approaching 70 scares me. Seventy is old. Really old. People die at 70. Plus it seems like once you're 30 you have to add all sorts of doctor's appointments, and medications, and diseases to look for to the list of things to do. I'm already a hypochondriac, the only thing I had going for me was answering no to the questions: are you over 30? or are you over 35? Now what?
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