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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I can sew

Hide and Seek Bean Bags. Posted by Picasa

I distinctly remember not wanting to attend a church activity for the girls my age my senior year of high school. It was baking pies under the pretense that boys want to marry a girl who could cook, thus preparing us for college. I don’t remember if I ended up at the activity or not. I’m sure my parents persuaded me to go, and I have the recipe cards in my recipe box to this day, so I must have been there. Why was I so against this activity? I was very set on getting an education, not a husband. But my whole life I had fought learning all the sort of homemaking skills that my generation seems to look down on. My mom tried to teach me to sew and to crochet. It held no interest for me, nor did I want to sew my kids’ clothes someday. That’s what stores are for after all, right? I avoided the chores that kept me inside to the best of my ability. I didn’t want to vacuum or dust. I chose the chores like taking out the garbage, feeding the pets, and watering the garden. The one thing I did enjoy was baking. Maybe this was because in my home growing up, it was dad that baked cookies.

What I find ironic now, as an adult, is that I wish I knew how to sew. I’m a pathetic sewer and constantly find myself wishing I was so much better. Not so that I can sew my kids’ clothes, but for all of the other fun, cute crafts that there are that involve sewing. Knitting became cool, all the stars in Hollywood were doing it. Yet all I could manage was crocheting a long long string like my mom taught me as a kid. But mostly I love baking. If I could bake desserts all day, I would be happy. Yet as a 17 year old, I was adamantly against learning to bake pies to attract a husband. What I didn’t take into account then, that I realized once at college, was that baked goods don’t necessarily need to attract husbands, they can simply be used to attract the cute boy next door. Boys like to eat. Thus, I baked a lot at college. Cookies, cinnamon rolls, brownies, cheesecake, etc. But not to attract a future spouse, I was just a kid still. I baked because it was a way to impress the boys, not so that they’d marry me, but because no guy can refuse a freshly baked cinnamon roll. And it doesn't hurt now that I'm married that I know how to cook. Although when we moved from California, my dad did say that maybe they'd all lose some weight finally when I wasn't around making desserts.

This all being said, the above picture is actually something that I have made. It’s an “I Spy Bean Bag” or “Hide and Seek Bean Bag.” My sister saw one and told me about it and then I found a pattern in Arizona a year ago, and now there is actually someone who is interested in buying some from me. And I sewed. Yea for me.


Angela said...

how do you use the bags? By the way I really miss your cinnamon rolls...and your orange juliuses...

NKLM said...

The bags have all these things hidden in them (45 I think) and a list of what they are. So you look at the list and that's what you have to find in the bag amongst all the little beads. It's mainly to occupy kids at church and stuff.

As for the cinnamon rolls and orange juliuses... you haven't even been around since I've really started making fab fancy desserts. You'll have to visit.

wendys said...

I'm glad that you have found out the joys of sewing! Me and Tiffany have been sewing barbie clothes since before I can remember. They never had sleeves, of course because that was way to tricky. This is Wendy by the by, aka Tiffany Kammerman-Bill's little sis. The one you used to take to the grocery store all the time. I enjoyed reading your blog, I hope you don't mind me poking around.

NKLM said...

Welcome Wendy!! Poke around all you like. :)

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