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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A call for help

Okay... I need your stalker stories. I'm writing a story and I need some good examples of why a girl would be desperately trying to avoid a boy who has a crush on her and won't take her subtle hints that she doesn't return his affections. Nothing too outlandish... he's still sort of a friendly acquaintance, just one that she can't get rid of and is avoiding at all costs. Let me know your stories, or stories you've heard.



Angela said...

Let me just remind you of some that you have witnessed...Eric C. who sent me a dozen anonymous roses, took me to homecoming and wrote that song about how he was falling for me, etc. Then there is true stalker-ism with Ryan, who bought me the very expensive sweater, wanted to take pictures of my hands playing my flute, wouldn't go away from my house eventhough I had the flu and was barfing, saved all my voicemails I ever left him and then imposed them on a Dave Matthews song...shall I go on? I have a million from him. Let me know if you need more...

NKLM said...

I didn't know about the Dave Matthew's song... wow. Thanks.

Lisa said...

Oh I have a good one - but it's a long story. I'll start with a shortened version...
The only thing more scary than a "crush" like stalker is someone who has gone beyond obsession and actually lives in a world where their fantasy has become their reality. I met this guy at work and we quickly became friends. He was sweet (but no attraction was there). Little things in the beginning should have tipped me off - like he wouldn't ever look me straight in the eyes when we talked (he would cover up all or part of his face). When I began dating another guy that was in our office, I used my new b/f as an excuse to back away from our friendship.
It started with small rumors from co-workers that he was telling everyone that he could "sense" my thoughts in his head and that we were soul mates. When he started to plan our non-existent wedding, my friends started to get really scared and urged me to call the police (more to the story than this). Even worse was when he told others that he was going to spend an entire weekend shopping for my favorite perfume (and I don't even wear perfume), or when he was teaching people how to build a home made bomb, or when my brother spotted him outside my house in his car (thankfully, I was not home) pleasuring himself (PG-rated version).
How do you get rid of someone who has completely stepped outside of the realms of reality? If I was nice, it would encourage him - if I was mean, he thought it was sexy!
He was like a super-sized-stalker.
I always felt like (as embarassing as it is) this was a story that needed to be told - to help anyone else who might feel trapped in the same situation. I remember feeling so helpless and even the police/counselors (almost went to trial, but settled w/ a restraining order of sorts) could not advise me on how to get rid of this person. I never felt safe and I always felt watched.
I'd love to share more if you are interested for your story.

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