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Monday, February 20, 2006

Seasonal Candy Favorites

I was at Walmart today and kept having to answer all of my daughters questions about "the green holiday" since she takes note of the change of decorations in stores for each holiday. Then we came across the Easter aisle and I about died... isn't Easter like two months away?? Normally, I'm annoyed (like everyone else I'm sure) when stores decorate for holidays before you've even put away your own decorations or eaten all the candy from the last holiday. But with Easter, it's a different story because with Easter comes Easter candy. And with Easter Candy, comes Cadbury Mini Eggs! No, I'm not talking about Cadbury Cream Eggs, those big chocolate eggs that are super messy and when you bite into them they leak/drip the gooey "egg" innards all over your chin. The ones with the bunny chirping on all their commercials. I'm talking about that giant M&M sized Cadbury Milk Chocolate eggs with a friendly, pastel candy coating. I was introduced to these on a college road trip to Colorado, and haven't gone an Easter candy season without buying/eating at least three or four bags (not all at once... but still sort of quickly). Plus, I love the giant, egg-shaped Peanut Butter M&Ms with speckles that come out at Easter time as well. To my dismay, Walmart did not have any Cadbury Mini Eggs. I stocked up on lots of other candy, of course, including my new favorite, the Hershey's Peanut Butter Kiss, but no Cadbury Mini Eggs. Lucky me, I was at Hobby Lobby (giant craft store for those of you not from around here who have never heard of it ... ie: me, a few months ago) and Hobby Lobby had a bag, which I immediately purchased. My daughter questioned me about it the whole way through check out. She couldn't understand why I didn't buy any of the speckled eggs at Walmart, but I was buying these now. I'll have to let her try one in the morning. She'll surely understand. Although one thing that's nice about kids is they just sort of accept what you say at face value. She knows that I think the Wiggles are creepy. That Barney is scary. And that I'm not a fan of the Bratz. She doesn't question this... at least not too much. So now, she knows that Cadbury Mini Eggs are a must have this Easter Season... and every Easter Season.

Now I want to know... do you have holiday candies that you have to have. The ones that only show up at Christmas, or Halloween or Easter. Like Peeps. Loved them as a kid... but I think that was mainly because Grandma brought them and they were covered in sugar... colored sugar. What's your holiday must have candy??


Angela said...

Lets see...is there a holiday candy i don't need? Well I am also a fan of the cadbury mini eggs and also the big sloppy ones. I also love the Reese's peanut butter eggs and the christmas colored m&ms, I don't know why they taste better when they are red and green colored...

Chris said...

This reminds me of the time I nearly died as a result of a dare involving cadbury cream eggs. The big, gloppy ones. I was dared to see how many I could fit in my mouth, and I think I got 3 or 4 in there before I realized that I could no longer breathe. My tongue was wedged to the bottom of my mouth, the chocolate completely filed my throat, and sugary yolk was running down my face. Luckily I was able to pry the mess out with my finger, but for one brief instant I truly thought that Cadbury Eggs were going to be the end of me.

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