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Monday, February 27, 2006

Earth, I love you, but not that much

For those of you not in Kansas (ie: all of you), you may think Kansas is a red state. And you’d be correct. But what you might not be aware of is that Lawrence is a blue city. And for those of you who didn’t pick up on the color coding of America that came with the 2000 Election, blue is liberal. So even though we left a blue (liberal) state (California) and moved to a red (conservative) state, we’re in the hot bed of liberal hippies and intellectuals.

Now that I’ve given you the setting, I’ll tell you the story. I was perusing a local website the other day, reading the blogs of other Lawrence parents when I came across something both shocking and horrifying to me. It started off simple enough. People arguing tissue vs. handkerchief. I can handle that. My daughter’s room is littered with handkerchiefs so we don’t have to bring her a tissue every two minutes all night long as she apparently chooses to pick her nose, rather than go to sleep. Then the comments on the blog move on to paper towels vs. sponges and dish towels. I was a little bit shocked here to read that someone actually knit their own dish rags and was trying to figure out how to knit a rougher material into it to make it more effective. Okay, a bit nuts, but I can admire that.

Then I come across someone who supplies a link to a website where you can get a pattern for how to make your own sanitary pads. Wow. I was floored. I can remember my mom sitting me down and having the "woman talk" with me when I was ten or so and telling me how lucky girls were today because when she was a little girl they had to safety pin cloth into their underwear and wash it out, etc. It disgusted me then just as it disgusts me now. Why would anyone chose to... to live that way. Ewww.

But it gets even worse. I know, you’re thinking how?? how could that get worse? They start talking about their favorite non disposable tampons. NON DISPOSABLE TAMPONS!!! What kind of world do we live in? Better yet, what sort of town have I moved to?
Then I start thinking, wait a minute? I was born and raised in California. The California that makes it almost impossible without drilling recycling into your soul. You practically have to pass a lie detector test stating that yes, the ozone layer is depleting, and yes, the landfills are filled, and yes, you pledge to become a tree hugging environmentalist to protect all nearly endangered species, etc. etc. before you can graduate from elementary school. You get the point. And I used to recycle, I did. What went wrong?

Utah is what went wrong. I remember showing up for my freshman year of college and being temporarily appalled/stunned because there was no where special in which to throw away a soda pop can or a newspaper or a bottle, glass or plastic. What was I to do? Obviously I got over this rather quickly... just throw it away with everything else. Who cares about landfills and the ozone?

Now I find myself in middle America where I would least expect such recycling fanatics, and yet here I am, finding myself hesitant to buy kleenex or paper towels. But of course, there is not even a second of contemplation while perusing the feminine hygiene aisle. I throw it all in the cart, sorry ozone.

And since my son has just found and is carrying around a battery (non-rechargeable) I better let it stand at that. Earth, I love you, but not that much.


VAWritingQT said...

First of all, the Diva Cup is not a tampon. It does not absorb, it collects, and for those of us who need this kind of protection (for those of you who don't, let's just say that tampons do not absorb clots very well; they usually just slide past, causing a stream of blood to follw, something I call a "gush"; too much info? Probably, but this is something I have had to deal with for years, and now I finally have an outlet; Thanks NKLM; the Diva Cup catches these clots, no "gushing" and less blood stained underwear for me), it is a god send. It is easily washed and easy to use. Different? Yes. Disgusting? No.

NKLM said...

TMI!!! You've scared off any boy who has ever read my blog. But your issues are more girl related than environmentalist concerns, so my point stands.

Angela said...

I actually considered knitting my own dish rags when i was trying to learn how to knit. They are square and easy. As for the disposable tampon I will say this...being a woman is so gross and annoying sometimes that I do not begrudge any her choice of protection.

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