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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cup of Chocolate Chips

I think I was like any normal kid... I loved candy. But I can remember playing at my best friend Vicki's and she always had Halloween candy still left at Christmas time and I didn't get it. But this was because her mom had it hidden and Vicki and her sister only got it when mom was dishing it out. Or so mom thought. The two girls sneaked candy, and there were empty candy wrappers hidden in their bedrooms. I always thought this was odd. I didn't eat a ton of candy, but it didn't survive until Christmas either.

I guess feeding my sweet tooth really started in high school. I would eat Skittles to help give me energy to be awake. Plus it made me a little hyper, and a little more fun than my normal, quiet self would be. Plus it made me jittery, and that meant that the then 14 year old boy I had a crush on (now my husband) would rest his hand on my knee to stop my leg from shaking, which was driving him crazy. Or maybe, he, like me, just liked the excuse to have his hand on my knee. So I ate A LOT of Skittles in high school... mostly orange. And all of this is strange now, because when I go to the store... I rarely buy Skittles.

I ate a lot of sweets in college... because I could and because it was better than the real food that I knew how to make. But it all went down hill when I studied for a semester in London. I consumed at least four (most definitely more) Cadbury chocolate bars a day... ususally the Cadbury Boost being my candy of choice. I seems like I bought another Cadbury at every Tube stop. It was great... each station had it's only little supply of Cadbury only vending machines. I spent a lot of pence that way. Luckily I was also walking all day so I didn't gain the 400 pounds that I should have.

Then I came home from London, well, back to college. I was not yet recovered from my frequent Cadbury purchases and had a new roommate who would buy a Hershey's with Almonds everytime we checked out at the grocery store. With Cadbury chocolate so fresh in my mind, I couldn't do Hershey chocolate... it tasted like wax... but I started buying candy of my own each time I checked out. This was something new to me... I rarely bought candy at the grocery store... candy was a special treat.

Fast forward a bit. I'm married. I've had my daughter and I'm pregnant with my son. Sugar is killing me. Every time I drank soda or ate anything especially sweet or sugary, it was like I could feel it moving through my veins, making me ill. But I still craved it. Turns out I was borderline gestationally diabetic. So my doctor allowed me to eat sugar, but sparingly, and I had to eat it with fiber so that my body could process it better. I ate some odd things then... trying to get my sugar fix with fiber.

So now... I eat candy like crazy. I think it's to make up for that nine months that I couldn't. The other day, we ran out of candy bars, and I found myself eating milk chocolate chips out of a tiny Dixie cup... I've turned into my dad (although he prefers Semi-sweet). Plus it seems like there are so many especially yummy candy bars out there now. At first it was Nutrageouses. Then the Fast Break Bar. Now my husband has introduced me to the Take Five. Not to mention that I can get Cadbury Dairy Milks at any grocery store. And there is a British shop in downtown Lawrence that sells Cadbury Boosts!! But my weakness right now... 100 Grands. I don't know where they were hiding my whole life. And I'm terrified that they will disappear. Until the 100 Grand the only time I ever got caramel and chocolate along together was at Christmas when we bought one of those fancy boxes of See's Candy. Or when I was brave enough at the mall to go and buy only one cup of them from the See's lady. And even if the 100 Grand isn't pure chocolate and caramel... there's some sort of rice crispy add-in, I love them. I eat like three a day and I can't stop. Not to mention that I'm terrified that they are a less popular candy bar and they will go extinct. What will I do??????

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Angela said...

Oh the Boost! I miss it so! I too share the same candy bar obsession, especially since the take 5 has been invented. It feels healthy because there is a pretzel in it. However, nothing compares to the Boost!

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