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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Crap Computers

Does anyone have a computer that actually works? I mean, really works, all the time. One that you've never had to swear at, slam the keyboard, or that has never tempted you to throw it against the wall? Hopefully you didn't throw it against the wall... I wouldn't recommend that method of fixing a computer. Although none of our other methods, the more normal ones, have seemed to do much good either. So if you are missing my comments on your post, or more surprisingly, missing my posts, I apologize, but blame the crap computers (really, all our electronics are crap) and ask that you cross you fingers with me that this computer will keep on working. Otherwise, the people on the other computers at the library are going to be a bit upset everytime my kids in the double stroller run out of fruit snacks and start going nutso.

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