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Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet... Or Would It?

I’ve never met anyone under 50 named Nancy. Well... there was one. My senior year of high school, some new girl with a hyphenated name showed up ruining it so that I was not the only Nancy in my graduating class. But she’s it. Every other Nancy I’ve come into contact with was born around the 1950s... back when Nancy was a popular name to name a baby girl. I think it was even on the top ten list of names...then. My husband even bought me a Little Golden Book Classic book for Christmas called Nurse Nancy. Nurse Nancy was originally published in 1952 and then again in 1958. So how’d I end up with the name Nancy being born in the late 70s? My parents knew another Nancy (their age, so born in the 1940s). A Nancy who also shared their last name, and they thought the two names sounded good together. Original.
As a kid, I attempted to go by my middle name, Kristine. It didn’t go over so well. To change my name, I just started writing Kristine on my times table tests in the third grade. My teacher did not know who Kristine was, and did not find this very amusing.
I was also paranoid when I was little that people were going to try to call me Nan. I’m not sure if it was because everywhere around me people had nicknames: Vicki for Victoria, Benjie for Benjamin, Wes for Wesley, and I just assumed they would try to shorten my name to a nickname as well. Or maybe it was because when I went to visit my dad at his office, his secretary was named Nan, and I figured it was a natural progression... that I was doomed to someday become Nan.
Looking back, I realize that my worries were unnecessary. I’ve come across no Nans since that secretary. The only people who have really called me Nan have only done it as a quick shortening of my name, not a nickname that I will be stuck with forever. And it’s not like I ever liked Nancy any more than Nan. Well... maybe a little bit more.
Other nicknames I have had:
Nancy Lou
Nancy K.
Fancy Nancy


Angela said...

I personally love pants since I think I was the creator of that one. Other favorites are nancois shortened to just cois and nancine which I still use all the time.

NKLM said...

Pants is fun. And I'd forgotten all about Cois.

Chris said...

I always hated my name when I was little. Mainly because it has 11 letters in the first name, 7 in the middle name and 6 in the last name. That is too many letters for a child to be writing. However, when I learned that my mothers other name choice for me was Jeremiah, I was very very happy she picked Christopher instead.

VAWritingQT said...

What about NKL? We called you that for a little while I think.

NKLM said...

Yes... I've been nkl and nklm.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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