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Friday, December 23, 2005

First Impressions: a newcomer's thoughts on Kansas

There are about a billion Sonics in town. Truthfully, there are only probably four… but in a town that only has two McDonald’s, do we really need four Sonics?

There are Jayhawks everywhere, which is odd for a made-up bird. But really… everywhere you look there is another Jayhawk something. My three year old wants a Jayhawk NECKLACE and keeps asking why we don’t have a Jayhawk in our yard.

Everyone here smokes, has a dog, or smokes and has a dog. Everyone. And they all do it while driving… smoking and having dogs that is.

The leaves changing colors... it’s the most beautiful thing. I’m already taking notes on what types of trees I want planted on my yard based on what they look just before their leaves fall. Although I am also realizing that those same beautiful leaves will need raking. My three year old is constantly trying to talk us into buying a rake and the only tree at our rented townhome is this 5 foot tree in front of our door with a total of about 30 leaves on it. But they ARE bright red leaves (Autumn Blaze Maple).

Old Victorian homes... I have a soft spot for them. I’d rather buy one that has already been renovated, rather than do all the work myself. I’m a bit lazy. They just have so much more character than a one story, garage fronted, tan California stucco home. I love a town with some history. Although I must say I am disappointed in the sad sad excuse downtown Lawrence has for a post office. It’s this awesome downtown, with all these old churches and old banks and old buildings. Then their post office… well… it’s just this dumpy old building. I didn’t even realize it was the post office until I’d lived here six weeks. I just kept driving past it thinking the post office should be around here somewhere according to the map – and then one day I realized the dumpy blue building was the post office.

But the cold... nobody told me about the cold. I expected a Utah-like winter, not negative eighteen when I woke up in the morning. And then people warn me about something called "freezing rain" –some odd phenomenon of nature where it rains, and then instantly freezes on your windshield in a solid sheet!!! Huh? I may have to buy a winter home and migrate like geese.


Chris said...

I have a great idea for you, Miss Leaf Peeper. Trick your neighbors into planting the trees you like. This way you can admire the beauty of the changing colors, but then someone else must rake up the stupid leaves. Although jumping into piles of leaves when you are little is one of lifes best treats.

Spence-a-lick said...

Long overdue...the world now has exposure to this awesome person. Even if it stems from the middle of nowhereville, i mean, Kansas. Thank Goodness!

themothership said...

You probably haven't had a chance to encounter them all, but Lawrence does actually have 4 McDonalds. One on East 6th Street, one on Wakarusa (with Playplace), one on 23rd St, and one on Iowa by Target. I'm a Sonic lover myself. I like their non-commercial kids prizes.

A Random Stranger said...

Hey, I'm just some random stranger who is reading and commenting, because I think you would like to read the comments of a random stanger. Also, from reading the things you've written, you must be great in the sack!

A Random Stranger

NKLM said...

I stand corrected... there are 4 McDonald's as well. I think I've even eaten at all of them. My mistake. But I still don't get the 4 Sonics.

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